Clint Denn has enjoyed a varied career in photography,
travel, writing, acting, and teaching.  Clint was Senior
Aquatics Specialist and Chief Diving Officer for Los
Angeles County.  He holds two college degrees and has
taught at the high school and college level.  He
authored the internationally known text, Invitation to
Skin and SCUBA Diving, and has produced several
award winning films.

Clint has traveled to every continent, where exciting
adventures and discoveries have molded his deep
appreciation of the world’s people, animals, and natural

Clint has the varied ability to be in front of or behind the
camera, over or under water.  His films reveal an insight
and understanding of the world and its people, and
bring a wealth of beauty to each new adventure.  He has
a talent for capturing visual action and the colorful
flavor of unusual places.
Clint Denn Digital Cinema
What a colorful and wonderful trip!
Inside the pyramids!
I am having a great time searching for YOUR NEXT DESTINATION!

Join my wife Sue and me on another great 'camera safari'!  We are
always looking for the next place to share with the rest of the world!
All the Best!

You will love my live presentations, treasure my DVDs and certainly be
well prepared and knowledgeable for your next adventure.
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