Traverse the Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers through
the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and
Hungary.  Along the way experience the history of great
capital cities such as Amsterdam, Vienna, Bratislava and
Budapest.  Enjoy the medieval towns and quaint wine
villages as our voyage takes us through these five
dynamic countries steeped in history.
Our Videos!

Enjoy a spectacular voyage through the
heart of Russia along its historic
waterways, explore small villages and see
a Cossack show and the National Dance
Group. Thrill at the majesty of St.
Petersburg and the dynamic, modern
All videos are only $15 each!
Come enjoy Moscow and More!!
Cruising Europe
Her long history and varied land have created
unparalleled diversity throughout Germany.  
From the Black Forest in the south to the North
Sea, from the Rhine River to the Blue Danube,
“Germany” is an adventure of discovery.
Germany has more than ever to offer visitors!
Prague and Paris are two of Europe’s most
beautiful and historic cities.  They are brought
together on an enchanting luxury cruise that
traverses three great rivers through the heart of
Germany’s scenic wine regions.
Paris and Prague have never been more beautiful...
Portugal and the cruise along the Douro were truthfully amazing!!!
Portugal offers a remarkable variety with warm, sandy
beaches, rugged mountain landscapes and pastoral
scenery dotted with vineyards and fertile farms.  The
Portuguese traditional love of music, dance and singing is
reflected in their colorful folklore festivals and carnivals
celebrated in every corner of the country.  Join
filmmakers Clint & Sue Denn as they explore Portugal from
her historic cities of Lisbon and Porto to small fishing
villages and sunny beaches. Enjoy the famous port wine
regions with a cruise on the picturesque Douro River.
The majesty of Egypt has long enticed travelers.  
Discover the mysteries of this cradle of civilization,
including the cities of Alexandria and Cairo. Enjoy Egypt’
s rich cultural heritage, ancient wonders and modern
marvels as well as an exciting cruise on the Nile.  A
felucca ride offers a relaxing step back in time in this
magical, timeless land.
EGYPT's Treasures... and cruising the Nile
Ireland is a joy, the people the friendliest you will
ever meet.  Experience a typical sheep farm with
traditional Irish stew and scones as well as the
treasure that is Ireland, evident in her many natural
wonders, such as Giant’s Causeway and the Cliffs
of Moher.  
Perhaps the greatest array of natural wonders in the world is
found in the western United States.  These natural marvels
of a continent take us from our desert border with Mexico to
the glacier area shared with Canada, from our unique
offshore islands to the Continental Divide.  
Great Parks of the West... and trains too!
I shot MANY animals.... With my

Join me on a camera safari!
East AFRICA Camera Safari
A constantly changing landscape
of and cultural diversity from
German villages to the true
cowboys of Goucho country...
Brazil - Giant of the South
The rich island culture and love
for the land makes Samoa a
pleasure to share with her people.
Samoa: Jewel of the Pacific
Hawaii has long been the
enchanted Polynesian paradise
for America and East Asian
Hawaii:  America's Polynesia
Spain and her rich heritage bring
the history and royal majesty of
Monarchy to the present day.
Spain: Land of contrast
It is like living in a colorful and playful
movie.  The people, the scenery, and
the architecture are astounding.
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80 Minutes!
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Our journey begins in Prague in the Czech Republic
before setting off to Nuremburg.  From there we
cruise along the Main Danube canal, crossing the
continental divide to continue our exciting trip
through the heart of Europe to Budapest.
Christmas like you have never seen it!!!
Amazing and beautiful Southeast Asia!
Beautiful cruise through central Europe
Come explore the two diverse countries while visiting
small towns and villages as well as grand historic sites.  
The warm smiles and friendly greetings will carry you
through the amazing temples, parks and World Heritage
From the capital city of Budapest through the Balkan
region including Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria
the diverse cultures will amaze and delight.  The castles
forts and enchanting small towns are rich with history
and beauty.
75 Minutes!
85 Minutes!
35 Minutes
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